Jan 4, 2011


Salam & hello buyers and viewers.

Firstly, TBKL by H&M nak ucapkan terima kasih untuk semua yang dah datang blogshop ni, tak beli pun takpe, tengok-tengok je pun ok kan. hee, and of course la thanks to the buyers. bunch of thanks. *dan sila beli lagi* heh he.

BTW, this notice i nak announce yang beberapa items yang dah di reserve before is now available. To those yang reserve barang-barang tu, i mintak maaf sangat ok, sbb i xdpt apa2 feedback, nak extent tarikh or whatever, u can simply inform me. Its quite not fair for me though, so, maaf sangat2 tau. Tapi kalau nak reserve balik, pls re-order ok.

The next things, i nak announce yang next update akan ada items baby boy from our baby aisyy. so, stay tuned.

OK, that's all. THANKS from baby aisyy too!